About us

Three partners, Olivia Nixey, Rajesh Thakrar and Marcel du Preez, formed Olive Jar in 2015. Between them they have over 40 years experience in solution design and digital delivery.

We can provide individual consultants or full agile teams to offer a wide range of specialist roles in your project. The consultants we engage are either people that we have worked with over the years, have been recommended based on their performance, or have been interviewed and tested by us first. With Olive Jar you get a professional, honest service where we look to build a relationship with you and support you over the years to come.

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, VR/AR/MR software, web services and online stores. We focus on user experience and only build what the end user needs and understands. We deliver our projects using the Agile methodology, in particular Scrum and Kanban. This enables us to deliver on time, on budget and focus on priorities that could shift at any moment.

We believe that in order to track the quality of performance effectively, our delivery team, the end client, and our account management team need to buy into a Continual Service Feedback and Improvement ethos.

Olive Jar Digital follows the Digital Service Standard, set out by GDS for public, transactional services. We also apply these principles to non-transactional, or non-public services and have undergone numerous, successful assessments at GDS. We believe in these standards and have shaped our strategy, teams and processes around it.